Friday, July 12, 2013

A Management Consultant by heart

Matias Johannessen - Established Jakarta-Based Management Consultant

My name is Matias and I am an established international business consultant who delivers excellence to clients across cultural, geographical and sectoral boundaries. I am a Colombian-Norwegian partly educated in North America with a current base in Jakarta, Indonesia. The varied exposure across cultures, languages and sectors gives me a cutting edge in international business with a particular focus on emerging markets, innovation and SME's.

I am an established management consultant with a passion for and experience from working with innovation and entrepreneurship in emerging markets.I am enthusiastic about the potential of mutually beneficial knowledge transfer between SME's and innovators globally. Innovation is my passion and a personal brand of excellence is my tool of choice to navigate my client's challenges and facilitate change. I have work experience from South-East Asia, North America and Europe.

I am interested in opportunities related, but not limited to:

★ Alternative Investments★ Impact Investment Funds★ Renewable Energy SMEs★ Emerging Markets★ Accelerating SME Innovation and Growth★ Capacity Building and Knowledge Transfer

I do my best work as a team leader and as a motivator who leads by example, but am also well versed in self-management techniques as a former day-trader and entrepreneur. I am enthusiastic about using tools and learning about new tools to help manage my own and my team's time, efforts and target achievements.

If you want to contact me for any management consulting inquiries please feel free to do so via LinkedIn.

Please see below some examples of engagements I have influenced and contributed to as a technical adviser and as a management consultant:

I am currently working with the following organisations to support clients in Indonesia and the region:

The Apex Consulting Group

New Ventures Indonesia

As a Management Consultant, I work hard to deliver excellence on a consistent basis. I do however believe that balance is needed to perform at my best. Balance to me means prioritizing the following in my off-time: 

► Family ► Hiking ► Volunteering ► Stock-trading ►Technical Analysis ► Excel ► Fishing ► Skiing ► Reading Books ► Watching movies ► Live Jazz

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