Tuesday, August 27, 2013

10 Tips for an Enhanced Trekking Experiece

As some of you may know, I recently returned from a trek in Nepal with my amazing wife. We reached Annapurna Base Camp 4130 metres above sealevel and had a great trip with impressive nature, local culture and new friendsIf you want to test your relationship and your stamina as a couple, trekking is highly recommended. We always have a great time at our challenging treks despite ups and downs. We always find that our relationship is healthier and stronger as a result of overcoming great challenge together. Pictures are mainly for personal use, but I do want to share some tips here that may help you:

1. Safety first, always.
2. Walk 2 steps behind the person in front of you, not on their heels
3. Be respectful of both local culture and nature
4. Joke with words only, not with sudden movements or loud sounds
5. Be clear in your body language and intentions, "Is he going left or right?"
6. Take only memories, leave only footprints behind
7. Branded hats will not save you, excellent shoes may.
8. Keep it simple, but do not ignore all personal hygiene...
9. A group or an individual is never stronger than the weakest link. (Your friend or your painfull knee)
10. Water-resistant and water-proof are NOT the same thing (Might wanna bring an umbrella)

Feel free to add to this list and I would love to hear some experiences from others who love hiking and trekking. Look forward to a new business-related post coming soon as I get back into work-mode.

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